With spider mating season fully in swing an influx of flies into your home could also be expected.

This year’s hot weather with increased rainfall could give reason for this increase.

They might just be seen as an annoyance, but they can actually carry germs and bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

There are plenty of products on offer to help us tackle flies in the home, but these usually aren’t environmentally friendly.

Fly tape can create unnecessary waste, whether that’s the packaging it comes in or the tape itself.

Alongside this, it’s a common hazard for pets with many cat and dog owners finding it can be difficult to remove from fur.

Fly spray may seem like an easy option, but this spray is well known to contain toxins. This is not only dangerous for our pets but also birds, fish, beneficial insects, and plants.

There are ways around the problem that are zero-waste and can be found in the household.

The waste collection hire company SkipsAndBins.com have compiled five ways you can keep the flies out.

What are the ways to keep flies out of your home?

1. Homemade fly tape

Fly tape bought from the shop might seem like an effective option, but it’s not environmentally friendly, as quite often it can’t be recycled.

However, you can make your own version at home with simple materials.

Thick Paper can be used for the tape or you can opt to reuse old paper bags or packaging that would otherwise be thrown away. Once you have this, simply cut into inch wide strips.

Next, you’ll need to make your sticky coating. Mix honey, sugar, and warm water until it forms a gloopy solution.

Submerge your pre-cut strips in the mixture, then leave these to dry. Lastly, attach string to the top of each and hang around the house as needed.

These strips can even be composted after use.

2. Wine trap

Leftover wine can be a useful took to trap flies.

All you have to do is leave an almost empty wine bottle in an affected room.

Fruit flies are attracted to alcohol, they will simply fly in and then be unable to escape the neck of the bottle.

Alternatively, if you don’t have wine something like beer will do, just make sure the beverage is in a funnel neck bottle.

3. Apple cider vinegar trap

Apple cider vinegar works in the same way wine does, as the sweetness of the liquid lures in the flies.

To create your trap, fill a container with apple cider vinegar but then add in some dish soap. The smell of the dish soap shouldn’t overpower the vinegar as you’ll need this scent to attract the flies.

The soap works to break the surface tension of the vinegar, leaving the flies to drown and sink to the bottom.

As a result, you don’t need to use any cling film or other single use plastics for this option.

Ensure you place your trap in the affected room and replace as needed.

4. Old fruit

If you have any old fruit lying around, this likely may be the source of your flies, however you can actually use pieces of it to trap and eradicate them.

Once you have some chunks of overripe fruit, put these in the bottom of a glass jar and add a little vinegar for added effectiveness.

Lastly, take some paper and roll this into a cone to put it in the top of the jar to create a funnel.

The rotting fruit will attract the fruit flies, but the cone means they will be unable to escape. Once you’re done with your trap, you can compost the fruit, wash the jar, and recycle the paper.

5. Use essential oils

While most of the above options involve luring in fruit flies, this one is all about repelling them.

There are some scents which fruit flies hate, and which can be utilised to keep them out of your home.

Basil, lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender are all well known to deter flies.

Try placing basil plants around to deter the flies, you can then also use these in your cooking ensuring there is no waste.

Alternatively try the other scents as essential oils either in a burner or spray form, they’ll keep fruit flies away and leave your home smelling fresh.

How to stop the flies getting into your home in the first place

Scott Hawthorne, Managing Director at SkipsAndBins.com spoke on how to stop flies getting into your home in the first place.

He said: “It’s worth pointing out that preventing fruit flies is often much easier than getting rid of them.

“Fruit flies often appear when there is rotting produce in our homes. To avoid this happening try to plan ahead and only buy as much fresh produce as you need, eliminating the chance for any forgotten fruit and vegetables to rot in your kitchen.

It’s important to monitor your cupboards and fridge to catch food before it goes bad. There’s plenty of options if you have excess fruit and vegetables. Try turning these into soups, cakes, ice lollies or freezing where possible to avoid wastage.

If all else fails, try keeping fruit in the fridge rather than uncovered on a counter, regularly clean drains and bins, and wash dishcloths often.”