Stacey Solomon has revealed that she will not be having any more children after her newborn daughter Rose.

The Loose Women star, 32, gave birth to her youngest child on October 4 which is her own birthday.

Solomon has four children, including her new daughter and son Rex with fiancé Joe Swash, and sons Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine who are from her previous relationships.

Before she became pregnant with Rose, the Sort Your Life Out presenter suffered a tragic miscarriage and have now decided not have any more children.

She told the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine: “We have to live within our means.

“We want to be the best parents we can.

"And when we were trying to have this baby, it wasn’t the process we thought it would be, so we were just so grateful to even get pregnant.

“I don’t want to push it any more. This is enough.”

Stacey describes home birth with Rose as 'incredible'

Solomon gave birth to her daughter Rose at home, describing the experience as "incredible".

She added:“I knew deep down I would love to have her at home.

"It meant I could be with Joe the whole time and my mum could be with me, too.

"She’s been there for every one of the boys being born.

“I felt strange but not in full-blown labour. I wanted to make sure everything was OK.

"We drove to the community hospital nearby, where I’d had my appointments with the midwives.

“They examined me and told Joe to pull the car around and they’d follow us home.

“It turned out I was 8cm dilated, so they broke my waters at home and, after around 40 minutes of crazy contractions, Rose was in our arms.”

The TV star said that in the moments after the birth she was "on the biggest high".

"I haven’t always had that rush after birth – in fact, it has been the opposite," she explained.

“But I think there was something about feeling in control and being at home, and the sun shining through my bedroom window… It just felt so surreal. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Stacey opens up about the birth of her eldest son when she was 17

When Solomon became pregnant with her eldest son at 17, she only discovered that she was carrying him until she was 24 weeks pregnant.

Describing the challenges she faced, sge said: “I’ve never been a super-skinny girl and I worked in a chippy so I was eating a lot of saveloys.

“I finished them up at the end of my shift so they didn’t go to waste. Genuinely, I just thought ‘God, I’ve got to lay off the food.’

“At that age, I wasn’t tracking my periods. I didn’t even click.”

On hearing the news, Solomon went to a clinic to find out what her options were.

“[Abortion] It was definitely something I considered because I thought my life would be over.

“That sounds awful and I feel guilty about it every day because Zach’s incredible, but it is what it is.

“I wouldn’t judge anyone for going through with it. It was just something I couldn’t do.”

She continued: “If I hadn’t had Zachary, would I have pushed myself as hard as I’ve done over the past 13 years? I don’t know that I would.

“So, ultimately, that decision to have him has made my life.”