The first episode of Ant & Dec’s new quiz show Limitless Win aired on Saturday January 8.

The new show sees contestants attempt to correctly answer questions and if successful, they’ll have the opportunity to win a cash prize.

Unlike any other quiz show, how much the contestants can win is an unknown figure because they will be playing for the world's first unlimited jackpot.

The first couple to take part were husband and wife Will and Kathryn, two NHS workers and they took home £500,000.

The second episode aired on Saturday January 15 and saw father and son duo, Zee and Tony, continue their run on the show after beginning their run at the end of the first episode.

They began the game well with an exact answer for the first question and they also won a lifeline to use in the game.

Lives were lost when some of their next answers were not exact so it was time for Zee and Tony to sharpen up and make their £1,000 in the bank increase.

With another exact answer shortly after, the duo’s total shot up to £30,000.

£30,000 became £250,000 when they answered another question exactly.

Zee and Tony decided to cash out for £250,000, delighted to be taking home their winnings.

At the beginning of the show, Tony explained how he plans to give the money he wins to his children and Zee hopes to buy a house next to his father’s.

The final part of the episode saw another pair begin their climb up the Limitless ladder with a positive start in the form of an exact answer after their quick-fire question round.

The pair banked £1,000 but unfortunately answered the question with one number over the exact answer, meaning they left the show with no money.

Sisters Sarah and Amy were the third couple to begin their journey on Limitless Win.

Viewers saw the pair complete their quickfire question round and we’ll see their progress in next week’s episode.

How to watch Limitless Win on ITV

The debut series of Limitless Win kicked off on Saturday January 8 at 8.30pm on ITV.

The series will have a total of six episodes which will all be one hour long.

If you’re unable to tune in on Saturdays, you can catch up with the episode on the ITV Hub.

Limitless Win will continue on Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV.