The UK is currently sizzling as the heatwave continues to batter much of the nation and is now seeing temperatures rise above 30C.

Many sun-loving Brits have made their way to beaches and parks to soak in the heat whilst others have tried their best to stay in air-conditioned environments.

Whether you like the blazing heat or prefer to stay cool, many are wondering when the heatwave will end.

With knock-on effects caused by the heatwave, including hosepipe bans, making every day a little bit harder.

When will the UK heat wave end?

Although temperatures are currently high and dry, a change to weather conditions in the UK is set to come soon.

Echo: When will the heatwave in the UK?When will the heatwave in the UK? (Image: PA)

As weather forecasts predict that temperatures will drop and rain will finally arrive, seeing the end to the heatwave.

The Met Office predicts that from Monday, 26 June, temperatures will begin to ease off with highs of 24C whilst Tuesday 27 June, will see an average of 22C.

The upcoming week will also see less sun and more crowds with overcast weather before seeing rain towards the end of the week on Friday, June 30.

You can see the full weather forecast via the Met Office website.

In terms of a long-range forecast for when the heatwave will end, the Met Office says: “Although mainly settled initially, with some showers in the north and west, more unsettled conditions are expected to affect the UK at times through this period.

“Further showers, perhaps turning thundery in the south, with increased amounts of cloud and some persistent, occasionally heavy rain mainly affecting western areas.”

Adding: “Towards the end of the period, northern areas are more likely to see settled conditions. While risks of showers, perhaps thundery, will be greatest in the south. However, showery interludes remain a possibility for any part of the country. Temperatures generally around, or just above average.”