Popular TV personality Stacey Solomon has shocked fans after revealing her "secret" brothers and sisters in a post online.

Stacey, who stars in the hugely popular BBC tidying programme Sort Your Life Out, recently took to social media to share how her sister had looked out for her, describing her as a "guardian angel".

In the Instagram post, which has garnered over 287,000 likes, Stacey told fans: "To my big sister, my best friend, my guardian angel. Today is all about you. 🥹 For all of our lives you’ve looked out for me, protected me, lifted me up & been the best cheerleader I could have ever wished for."

The Sort Your Life Out presenter then went on to add that she now has to lift up her sister after the release of her new book.

"Today I got to be that person for you 🥲 I love you so much Jem honestly don’t know what I’d do without you…. My sister wrote a bloody BOOK 😭 It’s amazing, I’m so so proud & today I got to be there to watch her launch it and shine her beautiful bright light in front of all of her family & friends and it was an absolute honour!

"Good luck @label.lady.1 not that you need it! But to the moon and stars and back again! Forever and always."

Stacey Solomon fans shocked by BBC star's 'secret' step-siblings reveal

Fans were shocked by the reveal with many completely unaware that the BBC star even had any siblings.

Actor Scott McGlynn said: "I didn’t even know you had a sister! You look alike."

In another post, Stacey Solomon elaborated further, telling fans: "A lot of you are saying you didn't know I had another sister.

"She's actually my step-sister but I would never call her that because we grew up together. All together there's seven of us, we're a really big blended family.

"I've got one stepsister, two stepbrothers, my brother and sister and then my dad and stepmum had another baby, so I've got my half brother.

"So there's seven of us and I call them all my brothers and sisters. I would never call them my steps, just because it feels weird. You might have seen [my step sister] on my Stories before, but she's quite quiet. When she comes round next time I'll introduce you."