Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has clashed with a BBC Radio presenter after being asked about his use of a private jet to go to Scotland.

This comes as the Conservative leader visited the country to make a new Green pledge over carbon capture technology.

The PM appeared on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme where he was quizzed by one of the presenters over his use of a private jet to go north.

Rishi Sunak sounded angry by the line of questioning, arguing that it was the "most efficient use of his time".

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Rishi Sunak clashes with BBC presenter over questions about his use of a private jet

When asked: "How are you getting up here [Scotland] to make this green announcement today? Private jet?", the PM said: "I'll be flying as I normally would.

"And that is the most efficient use of my time but again, I think actually that question brings to life a great debate here.

"If you or others think that the answer to climate change is getting people to ban everything that they're doing to stop-"

BBC presenter then interrupted the Conservative politician, saying: "No, it's do as I say, not as I do, Isn't it?"

Rishi Sunak then went on to say: "I mean, every Prime Minister before me has also used planes to travel around the United Kingdom because it's an efficient use of time for the person running the country - So I can keep focussing on delivering for people."

Echo: Rishi Sunak insisted that travelling by private jet was the best use of his time (Euan Duff/PA Wire)Rishi Sunak insisted that travelling by private jet was the best use of his time (Euan Duff/PA Wire) (Image: Euan Duff/PA Wire)

Before calling the BBC presenter "absolutely wrong" for his criticism, the interviewer chimed again in with: "There's a difference between travelling on by private jet, and taking a flight [on an ordinary plane]".

The PM then went on to describe some of his green commitments such as his support for carbon capture and more sustainable aviation fuel before abruptly exiting the live interview.

Before the presenter could quiz him further, Sunak said: "I look forward to having that conversation with you again. Thanks very much for having me. Bye-bye."