Viewers across the UK have been tuning in to Stacey Solomon's hugely popular Sort Your Life Out programme, leaving many wondering how they too can organise their homes.

The BBC show sees Stacey Solomon and her crew of expert cleaners, crafters and organisers help British families declutter and sort their lives out.

The homes of participating families are emptied from top to bottom before every item is arranged in a giant warehouse to determine what stays and what goes.

If you've ever wanted to organise your house out like Stacey Solomon after watching an episode of her show, then has you covered.

How to sort your house out like Stacey Solomon using these expert tips

Here is how to declutter your home like Stacey Solomon using these top tips inspired by the BBC show Sort Your Life Out.

Store items away

Taking huge inspiration from the BBC show's warehouse strategy, the expert recommends hiring out a storage unit for a week to a month to hold all your excess items.

Here, you will have a place to visualise all your items and sort through them. This also allows those nervous about chucking something important away to see what they actually need as they can always bring items back before discarding the ones still in storage.

The continuous declutter

Once this declutter has been completed, the next step is ensuring it stays this way.

You should always be decluttering your environment but this can feel like a chore.

One way to make it more interesting is to implement the 'five-day' hack which sees everyone in the house go around and find five items that need to either be thrown away or put back in their place.

The idea is to do this as quickly as possible (ideally in five minutes) to make it more challenging!

Another trick is to introduce the 'weekly declutter power hour' where everyone spends an hour tidying a space or room, turning a boring task into a gamified family activity.

Introduce a family cleaning routine

Daily and weekly cleaning schedules are also another great way to keep a house decluttered.

The daily and weekly tasks should be on display somewhere such as on a whiteboard in the kitchen. This ensures cleaning becomes an ongoing habit rather than a daunting task.