Royal Mint has launched a new 50p coin as part of its dinosaur range.

The collectable dinosaur range was revealed by the Royal Mint back in December in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. 

Director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint, Rebecca Morgan, in December said: “We are excited to reveal the roar-some new collectable 50p coins by the Royal Mint, featuring some of the most legendary and mighty dinosaurs of all time – including tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, and diplodocus.

“For nearly 200 million years, dinosaurs roamed the Earth so it’s fitting that they are honoured forever on an official UK coin.

"Seeing these dinosaurs on a 50p coin we hope it will delight and inspire both current and budding palaeontologists for years to come."

Royal Mint adds new 50p coin to dinosaur range

Tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus 50p coins have already been made available to the public in recent months following the unveiling of the new dinosaur range

Now it has released the third coin and final coin in the range celebrating the diplodocus.

The coin has been inspired by the Natural History Museum’s diplodocus cast, affectionately known as “Dippy”, which was gifted to the museum in 1905.

The dinosaurs on each of the coins has been designed by paleo-artist Robert Nicholls, with guidance from Professor Paul Barrett at the Natural History Museum.


A selection of the coins are available featuring colour, depicting the dinosaurs and their environment.

This is the third coin collection in the Royal Mint’s Tales of the Earth series, celebrating awe-inspiring ancient creatures and dinosaurs.

The full collection of dinosaur coins is available to purchase from the Royal Mint’s website from 9am on Thursday (March 14), with prices starting at £11.