Why the surprise about the police taking photos of “innocent people”

(Echo July 10).

Innocent people have to realise, in what was once a relatively free country, where you were innocent until proven guilty, is now a police state run by the Association of Chief Police Officers Plc who despite their rhetoric view everyone as a criminal.

Should anyone want further proof just look at the events and the police handling of protesters at the G8 meeting in London recently.

Finally given the subject matter of this letter, in this so called free country, it will no doubt be intercepted, and my name put on a suspected terrorist file.

I am just a 65 year old father and grandfather in fear, for his children and grandchildren, of the path this country is rapidly sliding down

Mike Hansford
Blenheim Chase

...The police officer who authorised photographing innocent members of the public at the recent airport meeting attended by their member of parliament, should be removed from any position of responsibility.

Who or what does this officer really think he/she is?

This officer has shown a total lack of common sense likely to bring the force into disrepute and inflame the general public against the force as a whole. He or she needs to be reminded that they are a public servant and should act in the interests of the law abiding public and not against the interests of the law abiding public.

Next we will be photographed as we vote in a general election or even as we queue up at a supermarket.

And to think we pay their wages.

Les Lampert
Grange Park Drive