A MASSIVE 200lb tarpon was the highlight of globe trotting angler Mick Toomer’s latest foreign foray, but it was far from the only big fish of his trip.

For during the three-week visit to the Florida Keys he also landed sharks to more than 200lb, groupers to 140lb, enormous moray eels and a host of smaller species.

The 200lb tarpon was one of three he took during an action packed after-dark session early in his trip, while the other two were estimated at 120lb and 165lb.

All three fell to float-fished swimming crab baits presented in shallow water.

The 120-pounder was brought alongside the boat after a 20-minute battle and, less than 10 minutes later, Toomer hooked the 165 pounder.

This fish made the most of its weight and power, towing the boat for hundreds of yards forcing skipper John Rawle to follow the fish from the Gulf of Mexico under the bridge into the Atlantic.

After motoring back under the bridge Toomer hooked the 200-pounder within half an hour of getting a bait back into the water.

Once again they had to follow the powerful fish under the bridge, eventually bringing it alongside more than half a mile from where it was hooked.

Later in the week Toomer and boat partner Trevor Andrews shared a catch of more than a dozen sharks, with many of them weighing more than 100 pounds.

At one point the action was so hectic that Toomer had runs on both of his rods at once.

As Andrews and Rawle were also playing sharks he had to fight both fish at once.

Despite the chaos the four sharks, all weighing more than 100lbs, were eventually brought alongside!

Toomer caused even more chaos when he spent a day aboard a 60-foot party boat where more than 40 anglers were fishing for yellowtail snapper weighing a pound or two apiece.

Using whole snappers for bait Toomer caught a goliath grouper of 140lb and a 260lb nurse shark.

There were a few tangles with other anglers’ rods.