A NEW series of matches has got underway at Gloucester Park.

The first event was held last weekend and was run by regular match anglers Mick Noakes, Alan Halsey and Steve Marchant.

On a weekly basis at the Basildon base, a match will now be run alternating between a silver fish match and a competition where everything counts.

Sunday saw the first of the matches where all fish counted, and more than 700lb of fish was weighed in by the 14 anglers who fished.

In first place was Lee Thomas, who was fishing the quiver tip from the left hand side of the point in to the big bay.

He caught steadily all day to weigh in 126lb 4oz of mainly carp with a few skimmers and bream and some huge roach,.

In second place was Eddie Martin, who fished the pellet waggler from the middle of the cockle bank to weigh in an all carp weight of 123lb.

In third place, fishing the quiver tip from the left hand side of the sunken car, was Mick Noakes Jnr, who weighed in 104lb 4oz of carp, skimmers and some very impressive roach.

This Sunday will see the first silver fish only match take place, with everything counting except common and mirror carp, zander and pike.

The draw time is 7.30am with fishing from 8.30am until 2.30pm.

Prices have been set at £10 pools, with a day ticket also payable on the bank.

Two keep-nets are required plus an unhooking matt.

For further information call Mick Noakes on 07855 558693.