JAMIE Campion was pleased as punch when he set a new Doggetts personal best while fishing a session at the Rochford water.

Campion landed a superb, fully-scaled 24lb mirror carp as Doggetts responded well to the slight change in weather. Shane Henton marked his first trip to the venue this year with a 17lb mirror.

And Dominique Prior had a 16lb common from the south bank on an overnight trip.

Local angler and tackle dealer Jim Ogilvie celebrated his wedding anniversary by fishing a romantic night on the Long Arm accompanied by his wife.

He landed an upper double mirror and some very good tench but lost two other carp.

Eclipse Baits’ angler Ian Simmons sneaked out a double common from the margins while enjoying an evening’s stalking.

Ralph Wallace took a break from Southend’s Priory Park to fish his first night on Doggett’s short arm.

Wallace soon found the hotspots and enjoyed a good night’s sport by landing numerous tench plus mirrors of 12lb, 16lb and 17lb plus commons of 10lb and 18lb.

Andy Flowers lost a good fish in the margins by the point during an evening session, so he moved to the North Bank and promptly landed a mid-double.

The float fishermen have seen their beloved tench return, but it is not worth using sweetcorn bait at the moment. Bread and maggots are definitely the best baits, with maybe a few worms for the perch.

If the angler knows the swim well, a method feeder fished to the gravel bars is also producing some good results