THE tench are being landed in good numbers at Rochford’s Doggetts fishery.

But a lot of anglers are leaving before the sport is at its best, which is just before dusk.

Trout pellett fished on a band along with bread and maggots on float tackle are the best baits. Corn is producing a few fish but do not rely on it.

Good-sized roach and bream are being landed from most parts, with perch being found close to the margins.

A lot of carp anglers lost fish in open water this week, which suggests too small a hook being used.

Ian Simmonds lost a fish but then caught a 16lb mirror from the number one peg on the North Bank.

Matt Price fished an evening on the south side and banked a 20lb mirror, whilst James Mills landed two double commons from the gulley along with five tench.

Michael Colbear finally managed a 17lb mirror having spent several evenings trying and Ralph Wallace landed a mid-double common and six tench from the short arm.

Dominic Prior landed two mid double mirrors along with numerous tench from the short arm.