BOROUGH of Southend Swimming Club enjoyed a very successful county championship, bringing home 14 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze medals.

On top of that, they secured 54 fourth to eight places finishes in Basildon.

And all that came from just 28 swimmers who entered 185 events in total.

There were also numerous personal best times and some new club records and countless brilliant performances from all the swimmers.

Barton Townley finished overall in the second place in 17 age group, Hugo Johnson was also the second place in 15 age group.

Other children who finished in the overall top 10, included Russell Beck who was fifth in 16 age group, Modestas Mockevicius sixth in 16 age group, Emily Lane seventh in 17 age group, Bethan McElroy tenth in 15 age group, Billy Lo fifth in 12 age group; Noah Townley ninth in 11 age group and Jude Hills seventh in the nine age group.

Out of 27 clubs in the competition, BOSS finished seventh with 856 points.

After the successful county champs, the club’s swimmers carried on producing wonderful performances in Newmarket where they had 27 personal best times and three regional times in this gala as well as seven gold, one silver and three bronze medals.

Borough of Southend Swimming Club continues to be one of the top swimming clubs in Essex and many of its county swimmers are now preparing to head to the East of England Regional Championships.

Head coach Nikki Spurgeon along with all the volunteer coaches are immensely proud of all the swimmers at the club who show such commitment and dedication to the club and their swimming.