DRIVING to cafe Knead I expected to see the odd cyclist dotted around and I wasn’t disappointed.

Riders in varying jersey colours brightened up what was already a sunny day and I pulled into Knead, funnily enough, behind a cyclist.

Although not a dedicated cycling cafe it offers exactly what riders, amateur or professional, need – a warm and unassuming atmosphere and fantastic food.

I tried out the raspberry, oat and nut slice, having been told it was a favourite of some of the county’s more recognisable riders, and it was delicious.

Freshly made each morning, all the cakes and pastries have earned their place on the menu. I was told by chef owner Alan that they had attempted to alter the menu in the past but it always came back to the tried and tested favourites.

So if you are a cyclist riding the roads of Essex (or even if you aren’t), take a trip to Cafe Knead. I drove an hour to get there and would have done it twice over.

Plus, I bet it tastes twice as good having spent an hour on the bike.