CRAIG Sexton was the most successful carp angler at Doggetts this week with a bag of six tench and four carp.

Sexton’s haul ranged from 18lb to a fine mirror carp of 21lb, all landed from the long arm.

Regular to Doggetts Chris Polley fished a night on the short arm using Cell hook baits and loose feeding with Nash monster squid.

This combination seemed to work well as Polley landed mirrors of 19lb, 20lb and 21lb.

Stuart Moore enjoyed the North Bank where he banked twomirrors of 15lb and 19lb and enjoyed sport float fishing with his third rod landing some quality rudd, tench and perch, often no more than 3ft from the bank.

Steve Goodsman, from Southend, also did well to land a 15lb mirror from the North Bank gulley as the high pressure changed the conditions.

Earlier in the week, overcast and warm conditions proved to the anglers’ liking, but sport slowed a little towards the weekend when the high pressure slipped in.

This brought calm, sunny conditions with misty nights, so floaters became essential as most carp could be seen cruising a foot down from the surface, but were only really interested as the sun dropped.

The float fishing has been good all week with quality rudd and roach being landed often from the margins.

The tench fishing has been spasmodic but the deeper margins and gravel bars provided some good size fish often on mini boilies.