CERTAINLY the happiest angler leaving Doggetts this week was local angler Charlie Ridpath having enjoyed a phenomenal battle with a superb 29.4lb common.

Landed on floaters and a 12lb line from a very tight swim, the fish put up a good battle. Usually heavier line would be recommended for the Doggetts carp as they are well known for not taking prisoners and the chances of landing such a fish from some of the margin swims is quite remote.

Anthony Gull and Lewis Clark have also been enjoying some good floater fishing from most parts landing a good number of upper doubles with a few of the bigger fish not making the net.

Clark is understood to have now cornered the market in chum mixers locally due to the amount he is renowned for using.

Ben Brown and James Saunders enjoyed a very hot session on the long arm landing five upper doubles and losing three more fish.

Brown, who was celebrating his birthday, rightly caught three to James's two, although Saunders did land a very pretty common from the back pool again on floaters, the rest were all hooked on bottom baits.

The tench vanished during the very hot weather although David Mills landed a 14lb common and four nice tench from the North bank during a hot spell.

And the float fishermen started to land a few more tench at the weekend when overcast conditions became more favourable.

The roach rudd and bream are continuing to supply good sport to the father and son anglers, who seem to be taking the chance to fish as the school holidays come to a close.