THE LEIGH and Westcliff Lawn Tennis Association have hosted their second junior challenge tournament.

The event took place at Invita LTC and Crowstone LTC and saw more than 40 youngsters taking part, much to the delight of L&W LTA junior secretary Graham Ray.

“The junior tennis challenge is specifically designed for the starter-improver player to give this player category a taste of competitive play in a fun type environment,” said Ray.

“All affiliated clubs to the L&W LTA were invited and in this challenge event, teams from Rayleigh, Westcliff Hardcourts, Garons, Wickford, Thorpe Bay, Hadleigh Park and Hockley were represented.

“The entry age group was between 11 and 14 years of age, again using a ‘Green Intermediate’ transition ball, ideal for the starter-improver player.”

The winners of the event were the boys from Westcliff Hard LTC, who in a close fought final beat Wickford LTC.

And Ray was happy to see the competition played in a sporting manner.

“The event was played in a good competitive spirit by all participating players,” he added.

“There was again much valued support from the parents of the players and they provided healthy universal applause for the complete afternoon’s tennis.

“The principle of a single afternoon’s event was well received by players and parents alike.

“Further events will be planned for the 2018 season.”