From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. A week in the life at Bowers & Pitsea!

When you see news that a club has been charged with what we have (rule E10 - failure to comply with an automatic suspension), you only see the black and white.

You don’t see the administrative errors outside of our control, you don’t see that we brought this to the attention of the powers that be before the FA Trophy replay at Egham Town and you don’t see the disappointment it brings to all involved at our club.

I’ve got to say, if it wasn’t classless enough for Margate’s Twitter to announce the news within minutes of a charge being brought against us, the person responsible for Egham Town’s Twitter should hang their head in shame for publishing details the way they did.

I appreciate Margate’s need to share the news with their supporters ahead of the weekend, although it wouldn’t have hurt to sit tight for more than five minutes, but for Egham to post the details, including the player’s name, is shameful. That really did leave a sour taste in the mouth.

Hopefully common sense will prevail at the hearing tomorrow.

If it doesn’t, then we will do what we have always done and pick ourselves up and go again.

Of course, there are always a minority that take pleasure at things like this. All I will say is it has all been noted. I’m always so grateful to those people because they keep us honest and motivate us in these difficult moments.

It would be easy for our players to use this disappointment as an excuse to throw the towel in but, if anything, this will make them even stronger. Their conduct in the last few days makes me a very proud manager.

>Bowers & Pitsea travel to Heybridge Swifts in the third round of the Essex Senior Cup tomorrow.