I WAS drawn to non-league and Billericay Town when I was just five-years-old.

I had been raised in Billericay and I loved football so my mum took me down to watch and from that point on I was hooked.

Billericay is my home town. I grew up there and after my mum had taken me to games, I would go with my next door neighbour Sam Clark (former AFC Sudbury captain) and his dad.

When I got older I started going by myself and meeting up with the ‘behind the goal Blues’ let’s call them - the noisy lot where I learnt my trade! Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today, I assure you.

I keep coming back because it’s a part of my life. You get involved with everything that is happening at your club, you want to do whatever you can to make your club the best.

Now I have relocated to Kent so when I’m not watching Billericay, I’m normally at another non-league game. It is interesting seeing all the efforts that other clubs are making to make them the best they can be.

You build relationships with people when you follow a team over the years. When you’re playing their club I want nothing more than to be able to gloat if we win or send them down (Can*ey Island) but I’m always ready to take it back when we lose.

I choose not to watch professional football because you are not a part of the club, you can’t get involved, you have to accept that is just the way it is. If I choose, I can have an influence on my club.

I have many funny stories... Seeing Canvey go down last season still tickles me, although we should have sent them down the season before! Finding your mates curled up in a kebab shop on that glorious day in Margate in 2012 (when Town won promotion). But opening the Stella at 9.30am was never going to be good when we went to Lewes. Running for the train after the game having had too many beers I fell off the High Street kerb into the road in front of many shoppers. Still I managed to have one more for the road to soak up the pain!