CALLUM Chafer says he is much preferring the pressure of a title chase as opposed to last season’s relegation battle.

The 21-year-old goalkeeper was at Romford last season and, despite their struggles near the foot of the standings, earned a move to Bowers last summer.

And he has become a fixture in the team. Chafer has played each of Bowers’ 42 games this season and has kept 15 league clean sheets from 35 matches to date.

And he says he has thoroughly enjoyed the last seven months at the Len Salmon Stadium, with Bowers in second place in the Isthmian North.

“I have loved it,” he said. “At the start it was Rhys Madden and myself and I was enjoying working with him. In pre-season he left and (manager) Rob (Small) made the call to make me number one.

“I have kept 15 clean sheets in the league and I am pleased with that. It is a team effort and the back four have been brilliant.

“I haven’t had to do much some of the time. It has been a steady back line and they are top quality. Without them I might not even have half that number.

“It is hugely different to my season at Romford. A lot of it goes down to (goalkeeping coach) Wayne Franklin. He has been phenomenal. He is professional and I am improving all the time. The goalkeeper gets the praise but it’s the behind closed doors stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays that makes it happen.

“There are different pressures at this end of the league and I know which one I prefer! It was all about safety last season. I have found this season that there is a little bit more heat every game we get closer to the end. We just want as many points as we can.”