I have absolutely SNOW idea what to comment on this week...

The extra time with the family last week was n-ICE, although I got the COLD shoulder from the missus when I asked to go out to watch Grays against Bury Town.

The weather meant our season was FROZEN for the weekend, but I have to HAIL the players’ efforts in training to keep ticking over.

Joking aside, I am so glad to see the back of last week. I hated it. No football Saturday, training near impossible all week and treble the workload.

I am desperately looking for a silver lining and perhaps the enforced winter break will recharge everyone for the final push. Fingers crossed this week is business as usual.

Plonker of the Week goes to the Truro chairman that expected Concord Rangers to travel midweek in the conditions.

The Met Office are putting out amber and red warnings about travel but he could get a pitch fork an inch deep into the turf which is what really mattered! Incredible when you think of the circumstance in which the original fixture was postponed [the match was called off with the Concord team bus in Exeter].

Last week the plans were published for the new step three and step four divisions. It doesn’t look like Bowers will be overly affected geographically, which is a relief. It’s an exciting time of the season made more interesting by the restructuring. What a privilege it is for us to have something to play for over the next 11 games and hopefully we can hang in there and get a play-off place.

Looking ahead, there are big games for East Thurrock, Billericay and Canvey tonight.

All of the games have something hinging on them and I envy that as I am itching for some football. Hopefully they all beat the weather and our local clubs can continue to prosper.