LEE Joseph says that a busy work schedule was the reason behind his decision to step down as the East Essex Sabres’ head coach.

Joseph led the Sabres during their first season as a member of British American Football Association South Football Conference Division Two.

The Sabres finished second from bottom of the standings, having registered two wins in their debut campaign in the division.

And Joseph admitted that it was a difficult decision for him to step down.

Joseph said: “I decided to step down as head coach due to a busy work schedule.

“I also DJ and teach on some evenings during the week so I felt that, at this time, I couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required to organise the team and everything else that goes with it.

“It was a very difficult decision to step down as head coach as I’ve worked very hard not only on creating the team but also in helping to guide the team into the league in a very short space of time.

“It’s something that I don’t think has done as quickly in recent years.

“We have gone from the inception of the club to having a league status within 18 months and that involved a lot of hard work.”

However, Joseph has not left the club.

The former head coach has now been installed as the offensive co-ordinator and running backs coach.

And Joseph is looking forward to being launched into his new role when the season gets underway.

Joseph added: “I have moved on to being the offensive co-ordinator and running backs coach.

“I am really looking forward to the role.

“I get to work more closely with the players on offence and we are working very hard on the offence to make it a much more balanced attack.”

Kirk Beecham has been installed as Joseph’s successor.

Beecham played for the Sabres during his career, and was also on Joseph’s coaching staff last term.

And Joseph is confident that Beecham is the right man for the job.

Joseph admitted: “Kirk Beecham taking over as head coach was a no brainer really.

“It was only going to be a matter of time before he was going to move into that role.

“He has a great passion for the game and is also very keen for the season to get underway.

“Kirk and I have worked well together.

“He is very animated on the sideline and I am very calm so I think we will have a good year.

“We have a great team of coaches on the sideline and I think we are going to have a fun year.”