What sad news this week in Italy. The death of Davide Astori is a timely reminder of how short life is, how cruel life can be and that every moment is precious.

I say reminder because at the business end of the football season I am guilty of focusing on little else.

One of the things most difficult about managing a non-league football team is finding that balance between the commitment of the job while having a family.

My wife would argue the business end of the season began for me back in May! On our summer holiday in Cyprus I was on the balcony of our hotel room trying to get Brad Warner to stay at Bowers. I was texting Callum Chafer from beside the pool trying to convince him to sign. I spent hours of “down-time” reading coaching books and session planning. When we lost to Cheshunt a couple of weeks back I was unbearable for days. I’m wincing just thinking about it.

Until you’ve done it (managed a team) you can’t comprehend what’s involved. We (us managers) do it because we love it but our families live it with us which you can’t underestimate.

Occasionally we all need a reminder of what is really important and when someone younger, fitter and healthier than myself can die in his sleep I have to admit to being a little shaken.

On Saturday I took in Canvey Island versus Hornchurch, which the latter won 1-0 - as they have done time and again this season.

Not for the first time I was impressed with Canvey who were unlucky to be beaten. The game was almost a carbon copy of the fixture we had at Hornchurch where I felt we had been the better side only to be sucker punched five minutes from the end. That’s been the difference between the champions elect and the rest of the division this season.

>Bowers host Romford tonight (kick-off 7.45pm).