LINDSAY Johnson-Farge and Sarah Ball are both celebrating success in the UK Racketlon Championships.

Racketlon sees competitors play table-tennis, badminton, squash and tennis in quick succession.

And the duo were both delighted to find their best form on the national stage.

“Sarah and I came third in the ladies doubles, I came third in the mixed doubles with Jordan and Sarah also came second in the over 45s so we were both pleased,” said Johnson-Farge.

“I came fifth in the singles too which wasn’t too bad considering I’m still a newbie but it’s something we both really enjoy.”

All sports are played to 21 with competitors swapping serves after every two points.

Each event is separated by just a three minute warm up and the winner is decided when all four scores are added together.

But the sport is also extremely tiring.

“It’s a marathon with rackets and it’s completely exhausting,” said Johnson-Farge, who is from Rayleigh.

“I had six matches on the Saturday which was a 10 hour day at the UK Champs and on Sunday I had four matches so by Monday I couldn’t really move.”

Johnson-Farge is now waiting to discover if she will earn her first ever international call up while Ball is also in strong contention after falling in love with the sport.

“We entered our first competition together and we got hooked straight away,” said Ball, who lives in Leigh On Sea.

“It’s a great competition because everyone has a weakness.

“Trying to find places to train and the time to do it all as is hard at times.

“But it’s fantastic to do and extremely enjoyable.”