Very, very poor. Where was the team that smashed Gillingham and deserved to beat Blackburn? Tactically it was wrong. I understand one up front at Blackburn but definitely not on Saturday. Only positives were Dru and Elvis, who I thought were fantastic.


Sorry but we seem to lose shape and grit when Wordsworth plays. Defensively far too slow and why on earth was there no challenge for the first goal. We were always second best and looked like we were playing a friendly.


Ron has brought in a manager, two assistants and a recruitment guru, surely they will put together a team that can score goals next season. Why on earth are we playing one up front who does not score goals?


Wordsworth hopeless. Doesn’t look like he wants to be there. Very unlucky that we had two injuries in the first 28 minutes but baffled as to why Cox was played up front on his own. It’s never worked.


They were the better team by far. Some of our players looked like they didn’t care, which is bad considering the number of fans. No threat up front and playing 4-5-1 is negative. We are inconsistent from one week to the next and need a striker desperately.


Still concerned about our points tally. We need to get another win and play better than we did on Saturday. Our games are not dead rubbers yet.


Too many players well off the pace. Poor Cox, lumping it up to him on his own just isn’t going to work. Elvis’ performance when he came on was a positive and at least it was sunny! @flashdarbs

Gutless, spineless, useless. PLAY TWO UP FRONT! Players should be playing for their contracts. If they don’t want to play for us next season, let them go.


Thought Blues had a typical end of season feel. Two teams with nothing to play for. I don’t mind, I like Chris experimenting as we are safe to assess the wheat from the chaff now and offer contracts etc. Roll on next season already.


As with the whole season when we’ve needed our big players to turn up they disappear. Cox up front on his own just does not work. Dru and Elvis the only ones that had any sort of fight.


Very poor performance apart from a couple of players. Both goals were soft and we were never coming back from 2-0 down. Did think we were unlucky on a couple of occasions. Oxley MOTM, made some great saves.