ROBIN Womack is enjoying more success after swapping the shot put for strongman events.

Womack is best remembered for winning a bronze medal at the London 2012 Paralympics.

But the Southend based 46-year-old is now starting to shine elsewhere and fought hard to win silver at the recent British Championships.

“I was really pleased with how it went at the Brits, especially as it was just my second strongman competition,” said Womack.

“I did my first competition in April and actually finished last.

“I looked at it and thought I needed to train properly at a gym which trains for strongman events.”

And that is when Womack found the Chalk and Iron gym based in Rochford.

The keen Southend United supporter now works with head coach Natalie Woodcock and has made huge progress in a short space of time.

“I found Natalie and we had about four to six weeks together ahead of the British Strongman Championships where I finished second,” said Womack.

“I was really happy with that and it was a big progression.

“Getting the right instructions and using the correct equipment has helped.

“My technique has improved and I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“I was thinking of just giving up after the Brits because it’s not if you get injured but when.

“I have to be careful with my arms too but it went well.”

Womack impressed in a variety of events including pulling a barrel full of eights towards him before impressively being able to deal with huge stones.

And that success brought back a real buzz for Womack.

“The atmosphere was amazing and it was similar to London 2012,” said Womack.

“I haven’t felt that buzz since then and it was brilliant.

“I even had time to kiss the last stone!”

Womack’s fine performance saw him secure a place in the World’s Strongest Man competition in Norway.

But he must first be able to raise funds to accept his place.

“It was the people of Southend I carried on for after London,” said Womack.

“Without their support, their gyms and centres I couldn’t have continued but now I’m asking again.

“I need to try and raise the £1,500 to get Norway and take on the very best in the world.”

Anyone wishing to help Womack can contact via the Echo by emailing