MICHAEL Timlin feels Southend United must build a new stadium if they are to fulfill their potential.

Shrimpers chairman Ron Martin still has plans to relocate to Fossetts Farm.

And Timlin believes moving away from Roots Hall would be of huge benefit to Blues.

“The club has been getting better and better during my time here but it always needed that new stadium,” said Timlin.

“I would always say to people in Southend, outside of Southend and to the MP Sir David Amess to just look at Brighton & Hove Albion.

“They were worse off than us. They were playing at the Withdean and it wasn’t great but once they got the new stadium and the new training ground they got better players and got promoted.

“It’s not the reason they got promoted but it massively helps and Southend would be a massive attraction.

“Southend need the stadium to happen for the club to move forward.

“The longer we don’t get that in place the team will suffer because to attract players from a higher level that’s what it comes down to.

“They want nicer facilities and I hope it will happen because it seems as though it’s the only way Southend will get better.”

However, Timlin relished lining up at Roots Hall and is sad to be saying goodbye to a number of people he has now become close to.

“I’ve made some great friends here,” said Timlin.

“I’ll always go out of my way to speak to people so I know so many people now.

“I’ve always been told manners don’t cost a thing and it’s true. I take time to talk to people and people saw that in me.

“Once people get to know me as well they appreciate me more.

“As a character I’m very demanding of myself and my team-mates.

“It probably comes across that I’m too harsh and moan too much but it’s just determination. I want people to be the best they can be and I hope I haven’t offended too many people.

“But it’s definitely sad to be saying goodbye.”

And Timlin was also keen to thank the club’s physiotherapist Ben Clarkson.

“I need to give a special thank you to Ben,” said the midfielder. “He’s on call 24/7 and that’s unheard of a lot of the time in football.

“He’s fantastic and I probably had four or five summers with him which we often would joke about.

“But I will miss everyone.”