Echo: ELVIS Bwomono is eager to build on his promising end to last season.

The 19-year-old lined up at left-back to help the Shrimpers secure clean sheets in their final four fixtures of the campaign.

And Bwomono now wants more opportunities to impress.

“I was given a chance because of injuries towards the end of last season and I would like to think I took it so hopefully there will be more opportunities for me now,” said Bwomono.

“I want to continue that momentum and progression and that’s what we’re all working towards at the moment.”

Bwomono and his team-mates are currently enduring double sessions every day in Spain.

But the youngster - who came through the youth ranks at Roots Hall - is enjoying the hard work.

“I actually quite like it and we’re all going through it together which is good for team bonding too,” said Bwomono.

“It’s boiling hot here so we’re working hard but this time of year is about getting fitter, faster and stronger and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“The manager and the coaching team have come up with a variety of training sessions which test you mentally and physically and it’s been good.”

However, Bwomono’s trip got off to a tricky start.

“I left my passport on the plane and I didn’t realise until we got to security,” said the defender.

“I ran back to the plane to get it but by the time I got there all the doors were shut.

“In the end I had to wait 35 minutes but I was just pleased to get it back.”