AN up-and-coming athlete is looking to keep his sensational record intact against all odds.

Harry Wright, a pupil at the Leigh-based Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Primary School, has shone from the moment he took to the track.

And the youngster’s achievements have left his father full of pride following a serious illness during the early stages of his life.

Stuart Wright said: “Harry started life off in Great Ormond Street, where he was seriously ill within his first year of life.

“But Harry is now in Year 5 and, since reception, he has been Borough champion four times.

“He has won the Essex Cross Country Finals and he came fourth out of about 160 runners this year.

“Harry won the 1500m at Garon Park earlier this year, where he competed against more than 100 other participants across the county and borough.

“He recently won the Borough Sports 600m race, but came second in his Super Final race.

“In all of the previous years, he has been unbeaten and he represented his school in the Catholic Sports, where he won the 600m race to defend his title for the third year running.

“Apart from this year, where he won at the Borough Finals for a third consecutive year and came second in the Super Final, he has won all of the events he has competed in across four years.

“I am extremely proud of his achievements.”

However, there is one race that Harry dislikes.

“The one race Harry hates is the Essex Finals, which is held over at Hadleigh Olympic Park,” added Stuart.

“He won in Year 3 and apart from in the team race this year, he has won every time.

“He literally hates the course because it is hilly and slippery, so he does not see it as a track event.”

Despite his lengthy unbeaten run as an athlete, Harry has set his sights on making a living in a different sport.

Stuart confirmed: “Harry is a very gifted young man, but he is also very grounded.

“But he has been an amazing athlete so far and I honestly do not know how many races he went unbeaten.

“Although he has done so well, he would love to be a footballer.

“But he also wants to take his running to a higher level so he can explore becoming professional.”