GLENN Tamplin has sensationally revealed he is quitting as Billericay Town owner and is putting the club up for sale.

The millionaire businessman, who took over the National League South club in December 2016, told the Echo in an exclusive interview at his home that he felt he had ‘been pushed too far’ and needed to step down.

Tamplin has invested more than £2.5 million in the club since his arrival, with Billericay winning promotion to the second tier of non-league football and claiming four trophies in that time.

But he has now said he ‘can’t take anymore’, citing an incident after the defeat to Woking on Saturday as the deciding factor in the decision.

“Something has pushed me too far and I find myself in a position where I need to walk away from Billericay Town,” said Tamplin, who said he would 'not be spending another penny of his money’.

“The club is up for sale as of tomorrow as I can’t take anymore.

“After the Woking game I was told the police wanted to speak with me. They told me they had received a report that I had been snorting drugs in the public toilets. I asked to be tested and they said they didn’t have the test kits with them, I was then told I might be pulled over.

“I was pulled over 15 minutes later and to be asked if you have been taking drugs in front of your five-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son is not something I am willing to put my children though. Not for football.”

Tamplin says he is meeting with potential investors this week, including co-owner Andy Cosias and lead sponsor David McCartney.

He added he would be content to accept an offer of £500,000, if the club was left ‘in the right hands’, but added if the offer didn’t match his valuation he would not rule out selling half his stake and returning in the future.

“I am confident an investor will come in but how quickly that will be, I don’t know,” he said. “I know I can’t put any more of my money in.

“I have meetings this week and I hope I will be made an offer.”

Tamplin refused to be drawn on Harry Wheeler’s future, although added his return as manager was possible if the club was bought by the right consortium.

But he insists he does not intend to leave the club in the mire and intends to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

“It matters how the fans feel, of course,” he said. “I would like to think the fans with kids will understand why I am doing this but I am not sure the others will.

“But if I find investors, and I am confident I will, there is no reason to worry. At the moment they will be worried but they must understand I am doing all I can to save the club, without me at the head.

“But everyone around me is saying get away. Do I protect my children or the football club? It’s a no brainer.”

In a club statement, Tamplin said: "My last actions will be to find suitable investors that will be able to run the Billericay Town and also to try my hardest to reinstate Harry Wheeler as manager of this great club.

"Thank you to all the fans that have stuck by me through thick and thin I will look back at the treble winning season with fond memories of a momentous time in the clubs history.”