We’re missing a Timlin or Leonard character, someone to do the dirty work and put in tackles. Without that our defence is having to try and soak everything up and it’s just not working. We’re also far too wasteful in front of goal and we’re taking far too long to make subs.


Defending too deep at times to make up for lack of speed I should imagine. This invites teams to attack us. Our set pieces for and against are causing us problems. Considering that was a team of first 11 players I was disappointed we needed to be two behind to respond.


We looked down and out after their second goal but we were given a lifeline which we took and then threw away. With hindsight we should have settled for a point and shut up shop. Lets hope lessons have been learnt.


An impressive recovery but will continue to lose if we give away so many poor goals. Peterborough had to do very little to win. Can’t see anything beyond mid-table at best.


Naive of the players to throw the kitchen sink at them after just getting back level. Needed a leader to keep them tight and concentrated.


Just need to iron out silly errors. We’ve proved we can play, create chances and score. Just a bad blip at the moment.


Gutted with the result but the signs are there. It isn’t like Brown towards the end when we were playing poorly and getting beaten. Just need to sort out or set piece frailties and it will turn around. Robinson in for Cox though for me.


Played well and got balls into right areas but just too slow in attack which played into their hands. Should have brought Robinson and McCoulsky on and just gone for it.


Defence has not been good enough, Elvis is not quite ready. Playing good football and I thought we were the better side but cannot work out McCoulsky getting two minutes. Powell needs to make subs earlier.


Sense of deja vu. Played some nice stuff but not clinical enough then conceded two really soft goals. Typical Evans side, rough and ready but worked. Becoming a poor start to the season.


This time last year we were drawing games we should have won now we are losing games we should have drawn. It’s all too familiar and I just hope we don’t find ourselves in the same position come January.