Well I suppose seven points in a week isn’t bad. Shame we couldn’t get the win in awful conditions. Still on an unbeaten run and a good clean sheet. Bring on Tuesday.



Disappointing game. Ref was awful, let niggling fouls go on all game. The elbow from Mackie on Taylor Moore was a disgrace. Our game died when John White went off and our shape changed. Cox came too deep again, leaving Hooper alone. 3-5-2 works for these players. Good run continues though.


Game was ruined by the ref and by losing John White. Felt subs should have been made earlier, poor Hopps had been bashed about for far too long. Cox and Moore my joint men of the match. Good to see Dru back, the pick of the midfield.


Absolutely dominated the first half hour, sadly losing John White to his hamstring injury and changing shape completely lost all the momentum we had. The awful conditions and awful officiating contributed to a terrible second half and only two great stops by Ox ensured a point.


Shot shy in the first half. Lucky to get a point in the end. More injuries, no goals from the midfield at all and Hopper now injured. Doesn’t bode well for the month ahead.


Formation change after White injury didn’t seem to work but was mainly an off day in awful conditions. Seven out of nine points is a good week. Moore was excellent at the back.


First 20 minutes we looked like we were going to smash them. Can’t understand why we changed the system with the John White injury. Second half was as awful as the weather. Taylor Moore and the referee were the outstanding performers, for very different reasons.


Surprised Dieng didn’t drop into the back three when John White came off as the system was working. Unfortunately 4-4-2 then 4-3-3 didn’t. But 10 points out of 12 we’d take all day long.


Felt we should have put the game to bed with a win in the first half. Ref spoilt the game. Oxford kicked us all over the pitch and he did nothing. Point better than nothing.


Put it this way, my daughter fell asleep in the 71st minute!


Anticlimax after Tuesday but good to keep the unbeaten run going.Top half with 10/12 points a big improvement.