PIERS Hewitt is the latest Southend United fan to have his say on what is happening at Roots Hall

It has been a strange few days seeing one of the most experienced and likeable managers of my lifetime turned upon by quite a number of Blues fans, though mostly online, it has to be said.

It was a much needed win against Scunthorpe, but with the now almost laughable injury situation made worse by Jason Demetriou hobbling off.

It was evidence of the necessity of a good number of players having to perform to a high standard regularly, with little options to choose from if they don’t, and therefore little pressure on their places.

I can’t think of a time where a manager has not only been so hamstrung by the cheques and contracts signed off under previous management but also by the relentless bad luck on the injury front.

Whilst Walsall was the biggest league win of our season so far, it also turned out to be our greatest loss, not only with the injury to Lennon, but more importantly to Tom Hopper, arguably the most important player of our team at that time, with more than a shade of Brett Angell about him (not to mention Ben Coker, only days later).

Our losses to injury have been significant, and there is not a manager in the land who wouldn’t struggle with the hand Chris Powell has been dealt, and we have seen just how deflating it has been on the pitch for the squad to see another of their number head to the dressing room through injury.

We won on Tuesday, but not through the help of the fans, truth be told.

We need to get behind this team and the manager as we go into the busiest period of the season, and I most certainly don’t want to support a club that feels the need to sack their manager after a bad month.

Credit where credit is due, fortunately Ron Martin has a good record when it comes to knowing when to move managers on, and I believe this is most certainly not the right time to be contemplating a move such as that.