Excellent idea not playing Taylor Moore and leaving Turner to pick up K Moore. At least QPR won’t be buying Dru Yearwood, he clearly isn’t fit at the moment. Changes should have been made at half-time. Fans losing faith with Powell. 4-2 flattered us.


We can complain about the referee all we like but the goals we conceded were poor. Oxley refusing to get off his line yet again, Dru wasn’t match fit and it showed in his game. Odd team changes again and subs should have been made at 2-1.


Set up was wrong again, one up front rarely works and not up against tall defenders. Dru still didn’t look match fit, shouldn’t have started. Feel for Coxy who worked so hard and then was subbed to go two up top. Totally inept officials.


Really annoyed at Powell. First he dropped the ball at a corner, then he gave the ball straight to them in the box for third. Then he made three subs to change the game bit failed to give an obvious goal. Powell out I say!


Difficult to understand Powell’s thought process. Hyam has a solid game on Tuesday and is dropped for an unfit Yearwood. Bunn dropped for Kightly who hasn’t played well all season. Ditto Turner for Taylor Moore. Then to take Cox off was also a strange (bad) decision.


Really frustrated that an unfit and off form Yearwood was picked ahead of Hyam, Turner ahead of Moore and Kightly ahead of Bunn. Apart from the last 10 minutes fail to see how anything about today was ‘giving it a go’. No idea why I have bought tickets for Portsmouth.


Poor decisions by Powell. Elvis man of the match.


Personally we can talk formations and the match day squad all day, I’d like to know if it’s a coaching decision for Oxley not to come off his line or down to the player himself.


Team selection is becoming a mystery.


Outplayed for most the game but still robbed of an equaliser by the officials. Gifted them their goals as Oxley won’t come off his line and could have stopped the first two. Elvis man of the match.


Beaten again by a top half League One side. One up front at home again, a goalkeeper who is rooted to his line, crowd less than 4,000, atmosphere poor, officials poor. Barnsley much superior.