SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Tuesday night's defeat to Portsmouth in the Checkatrade Trophy.

Yet another woeful performance to add to the growing list this season. Once again we were second best all over the park. It is clear that for the last 10 or so weeks Powell and his management team do not even have a plan A. Very worrying times for Blues fans.


Pompey didn’t have to get out of second gear. There was a lack of passion and commitment which was worrying. Some tough fixtures coming up against struggling sides and we can’t afford to be so lacking in these games.


Managed to find two positives from what was probably one of the most embarrassing results in 20 years of supporting. Yearwood got through 90 minutes and Theo Robinson will be suspended for Saturday. Shocking performance against Portsmouth B.


Thought we were going to go for it? The first half was probably one of the worst 45 minutes I’ve seen in all my time watching Southend. Yes we have injuries but I’m really not enjoying watching Southend at all at the moment. Hoof ball, no creativity, no passion, no energy. Awful.


Rubbish performance but who really cares. The players clearly don’t care for this competition and I’m just happy we’re out now. We lose the ball way too easily with this hoof ball tactic and these stupid fouls need to stop. Constantly pushing and giving fouls in good areas.


Embarrassing. Some players stealing a living. Have never seen a midfield so unbalanced. Dreadful.


The sooner this season ends the better. Once we get all the injured players back it will feel like a new squad.


First half was abysmal, didn’t help feeling so cold and having to listen to that bloke with the bell. Wrong to risk Cox when he’s our only striker available for Saturday. Midfield is just not working as it should. Looked so much better when McLaughlin came on.


Pointless devalued competition that we are better off out of.


This match was realistically our last hope of glory this year and the team (easier to say 11 individuals) just rolled over without a whimper. Portsmouth’s second string could easily have come away with more goals. Yet again Powell shuffled the team too much both pre-match and in play.


Gutless, clueless and useless.The first half was the most dire I have seen in over 30 years of watching Blues.


Game was summed up when the ball was put into the box and Theo was doing his laces.