SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Saturday's 2-1 defeat to Bristol Rovers. 

Too many passengers in the team and those who were effective last season have somehow become hopeless. The fitness levels have also gone down the pan. Formation all wrong. Then we put a winger left-back, actually despair.


Five in defence and yet they were non existent for that second goal. Just dreadful all game.


Awful, gutless performance. We couldn’t pass water. Where are the leaders on the pitch to gee them up?


Criminal losing this many matches at home. We just aren’t good enough. We need to turn it around somehow. At least we are away next.


Possibly the worst of the home defeats this season. Lucky to lose by one against an average team. So many players underperforming. Have no confidence Powell knows how to turn it around. In big relegation trouble.


Just like last week, we let them play and they killed the game within 30 minutes. We had 20 good minutes and that just isn’t good enough to win games. Now six points off relegation and five of our next six games are against teams in top eight. Improvement needed and soon.


It was an abject lesson in how not to play football.


Please no more about the injuries. That was still a team of starters. They’ve not played all week, so no excuses about tiredness. That was a shocking and disgusting performance. The part of the first half where three players didn’t go towards the ball, you wouldn’t expect that from kids.


We are an absolute shambles at home. From top to bottom we are clueless. Awful tactics and no plan B. Why bring McLaughlin on if after 25 minutes you’re going to stick him at left-back?


Absolutely dreadful first half, only slightly better once we switched to 4-4-2. Didn’t ask enough questions of Rovers. We were extremely sloppy and far, far too wasteful with the ball. I’m rather worried now we will be drawn into a relegation dogfight.


Not one positive from Saturday. We are so dull. Never known Roots Hall to be so quiet.


We are a mess. No creativity. Boring.


What’s wrong with an old fashioned 4-4-2? Looked so much better in the second half but can’t afford to give any team 45 minutes head start.