SNOOKER star Louie Leighton edged his travelling companion Richard Hillgrove 2-1 on the final black to clinch the sixth leg of the Cuestars Under-21 Silver Tour in Bournemouth.

But whether the 15-year-old fluked the last ball at the Greenbaize Snooker Club or played a cracking safety shot with the chance of a pot depends on whose camp you are in.

Whatever the intent, Leighton replaces his practice partner from Basildon Snooker Club at the top of the rankings.

And that incentive spurred the teenager on.

Leighton, who also won the first leg in Salisbury, said: “It was very even but with him being top of the rankings, it just made me want to beat him even more.

“I didn’t play that well in the group stages but when I got into the semis against Nat (Kidner), I played well.

“He went 1-0 up and then I knocked in a good 31 break and got through.”

Reflecting on the exhausting 300-mile round trip, he added: “It was a long trot.

“That’s probably the furthest one but it was worth it.”

Leighton now has a five-point advantage over Hillgrove.

Fareham Snooker Club hosts the seventh of the ten legs on Sunday, February 24.

Biggest breaks: Richard Hillgrove: 36, 31, Louie Leighton: 31, Will Forster: 31, Samuel Laxton: 30.

Full results

Round-Robin Group A: First, Richard Hillgrove (Basildon SC); Second, Callum White (Waterlooville Sports Bar); Third, Nat Kidner (Greenbaize, Bournemouth); Fourth, Dean Russell (Waterlooville Sports Bar); Fifth, Harry Wilson (Waterlooville Sports Bar).

Round-Robin Group B: First, Riley Ellis (147 SC, Swindon); Second, Shane Kearns (Jesters, Swindon); Third, Kaine Petty (Salisbury SC); Fourth, O’Shay Scott (Chandlers Ford SC); Fifth, Mason Wilson (Academy, Basingstoke).

Round-Robin Group C: First Louie Leighton (Basildon SC); Second, Will Forster (Mayfair, Gosport); Third, Samuel Laxton (Waterlooville Sports Bar); Fourth, Zak Truscott (Waterlooville Sports Bar); Fifth, Oliver Cooper (Frames, Coulsdon

Quarter-finals: (12 points): Hillgrove 2-1 Laxton, Forster 2-1 Kearns, Kidner 2-0 Ellis, Leighton 2-0 White.

Semi-finals: (15 points): Leighton 2-1 Kidner, Hillgrove 2-0 Forster.

Final: (25/18 points): Leighton 2-1 Hillgrove.