SOUTHEND United fans have their say on what changes they would like to see against Charlton Athletic this weekend.

4-4-2: Bishop, Elvis, White, Moore, Hart, Macca, Kightly, Hyam, Yearwood, Cox, Humphrys




Stick Wabo up top on his own I reckon.


Get back to 4-4-2. Macca and Kights out wide and Hyam alongside Dru in midfielder. Rest of the team picks itself at the moment.


Be positive from the outset so four at the back. If Hyam is fit then play him in midfield with Dru which hopefully mean Dru can push on in more of an attacking role with Hyam sitting in. Just want to see us take the game to them really.


4-4-2 from kick off.


Last season Powell came in and sorted us out with a simple 4-4-2. I know we have injuries but he needs to stop changing the players and line ups all the time.

Bishop, Bwomono, White, Moore, Hart, Macca, Yearwood, Mantom, Kightly, Cox, Humphrys

Subs: Kelman, Wabo, Hyam, Dieng, Turner, Lennon & Smith

4-4-2 with two wide men not wing backs but the biggest change needs to be the attitude, desire and fight. Bishop, Bwomono, White, Moore, Hart, Kightly, Mantom, Dieng, McLaughlin, Cox, Humphrys

Wingers so that we don't get attacked down the wing and still have two midfielders. Hopefully if CP does this the two centre midfielders will be able to get forward and back or one of them go forward and the other hold to pick up the loose ball.


Just go 4-4-2 with John white at right back and Macca on the right wing.


I would go back to a trusted 4-4-2. Bishop, Elvis, White, Moore, Hart, Macca, Dieng, Hyam, Kightly, Cox, Humphrys


Think we should go same again. But lets change the attitude and the way we play. Lets have some belief in our ability to want the ball and keep the ball on the ground. We can do this and we have done this already this season. Lets go get them!