SOUTHEND United fans have their say on the Shrimpers' 4-1 defeat at Scunthorpe United.

A real turning point for Powell fans, and I include myself in that. The lack of bottle showed what relegation candidates we are. Hard to believe Chris was a (brilliant) defender. Conceding goals for the fun of it almost every week now.


The club have now just nine games left to save our season. Powell has taken us to the brink of relegation but now has his sights firmly on bottom place. With CP in charge next season he would struggle to fill a telephone box let alone a shiny new stadium! Time the club took action!


Started well but our play was always ugly. Safety-first booted clearances from all five at the back wasn’t good to watch.

No composure and the second half collapse was shocking.

The scoreline could have been far worse. Fear we don’t have the stomach for this relegation scrap.


EVERY team below Wycombe in 13th have won at least one game from their last five outings.... except us.

That’s the most worrying thing (amongst others) - we have forgotten how to win.

Already dreading Saturday!


We lack ideas, fight and creativity. We also lack leadership and we also can’t defend.

All of those combined I’m afraid lead to relegation.

So many errors of judgement , including and starting all way back letting Michael Timlin go, a leader on and off the pitch.


The players are mentally weak, a manager who can’t let the players express themselves playing stupid formations that doesn’t suit the players we have.

As usual he approached a game for a point and we walked away pointless. Powell has to go now.


The performance simply smacked of relegation. To fold like that against a relegation rival was worryingly poor.


We are currently non league standard


Such a contrast to Saturday, so so bad in the second half again. This is the kind of game where those who might’ve been on the fence on whether Powell should still be here edge to the out side. I’m normally optimistic but I can’t see where the next win is gonna come from.


Buck stops with the manager. Looking like the drop for us. Powell should have gone weeks ago.


The way Elvis was just dumped out of the squad in favour of players that are clearly a long way from fitness still after injuries shows just how much Powell has lost the plot.


I said a couple of months ago Powell needed to go. The injury list is covering up what a poor manager he really is.


Started well but fell away badly. Too many players went into hiding and didn’t want the ball. Heads went down and for the first time this season, the players stopped trying and went through the motions. I don’t see us turning this around.


Scunny fans told me in the pub beforehand that they couldn’t score. But that was never going to be the case. Clueless & embarrassing.


Wake me up when the season is over.


Looked like a League Two side last night.


Looking forward to the ticket price going down for League Two.


All time Roots Hall player favourite, below average manager for us, time to go and see if someone can stop the downfall before too late.


Three times in the last two games we’ve taken the lead only to throw it away. In a way chopping and changing the defence hasn’t helped. Thought Bunn and Cox worked well last night and if Mantom had crossed rather than shot at 1-0 who knows.


Three goals from simple set pieces, no challenge on the ball at all! Will never win with defending like that!


Great first20 minutes, but we failed to capitalise. Our heads dropped as soon as they equalised. Second half display was abysmal, no desire or drive, except the fantastic Mr Cox. If Chris Powell wants to save his job & our season then make Simon Cox captain.


There was something noticeable, ok we had a good 10 minute spell we scored and looked comfortable. Scunthorpe scored and we held on. Second half the team looked totally down as if something was said in the dressing room, the rest is history.


We can only blame the luck with injuries so much, we havnt looked like a team with a plan for a long time, we look lost in games,no identity


Cox started well, but the cracks in management were blown open and destroyed any chance Powell can achieve anything but relegation with us. Time for new management and quick.