MAX Whitlock is convinced fatherhood has given him a new sense of perspective and will put him in a stronger position to repeat his Olympic heroics in Tokyo next year.

Watched by his three-week-old daughter Willow and wife Leah in Liverpool, Whitlock won the pommel title at the British Gymnastics Championships with a score which would have been big enough to take world gold last year.

Instead of his usual finely-tuned preparations, the 26-year-old revealed he spent the build-up to the competition with Willow's needs at the forefront of his mind - and the new routine will continue to take precedence towards 2020 and beyond.

Whitlock, who is based in Basildon, said: "It still feels pretty crazy at the moment. Before the competition I was sterilizing bottles and packing the changing bag.

"It's important to have routines but it has put a lot of things into perspective. There is so much to think about that I don't get nervous until I get into the arena. I am going round the rotations feeling much more chilled."

Aside from scoring 15.350 on the pommel, Whitlock also competed on floor and parallel bars - the latter for the first time since the team event in Rio - and expects to press ahead with plans to perform more pieces in Japan.

The convoluted qualification process for Tokyo means Whitlock will realistically have to go down a team qualification route, thus the pressure to contribute more than just his usual two pieces to the final tally.

"I'm building back up slowly and by the end of the year I'm hoping to also get back on high bar," added Whitlock. "I'm hoping to do four pieces which would be a huge help to the team if needed. Everything is becoming clearer in my head."

Whitlock confirmed he will seek to emulate cycling pair Jason and Laura Kenny, who take their young son Albie with them to global competitions, as he progresses towards the defence of the back-to-back golds he won in Rio.

"I've always wanted to have children before I finished my career so they can see for themselves what I actually did," added Whitlock.

"I'd love to give her the experience of taking her around the arena. They are experiences she will not get anywhere else. If she can be my little cheerleader that would be absolutely fantastic."