ECHOSPORT talks to Walsall fan Peter Sturgess ahead of Friday's game with Southend United.

What have you made of the season so far?

“The season started off so promisingly but I do feel our good spell earlier in the season papered over the cracks of a club that is in rapid decline.

"Both on and off the pitch the players and fans are so disconnected with the club.

"In all honesty, I thought last season was poor but this season - apart from the first 10 to 15 games - I feel I have witnessed the worst Walsall side in my 30 years supporting the club.”

Were you expecting Walsall to struggle or has it come as a surprise?

“After last season, with Dean Keates coming in and the feel good factor around the club due to his arrival, I did feel confident that we could push for a place certainly in the top half of the table.

"However, once Dean started signing a number of non-league players and persisting to play individuals who performed so poorly last season it was evident that we were relegation fodder.

"The fact we concede two goals pretty much every game meant we were never really going to be destined for anywhere else other than League Two.”

What have been the main reasons for the bad season?

“Poor recruitment, lack of tactical nous, players not motivated and content with getting beaten week in, week out.

"We are a club that has lost all ambition.

"The players have given up, they don’t know what it takes to win anymore and that is where I feel it stems from.”

Do you think Walsall can stay up?

“Personally, no.

"However, with how tight this League is I do feel there is an outside chance we can. Our fate will be decided over Easter that is for sure.”

Who is the dangerman?

“Liam Kinsella. I wouldn’t class him as a dangerman but he has been a consistent performer since getting in the team.

"A product of our academy, he doesn’t shirk a challenge and will move on to bigger things in the summer.

"It shows how badly the club is in decline as our best player in many fans’ eyes hasn’t been offered a new deal and will walk for nothing in the summer.”

“What’s the team news?

“After the display against Stanley was described as embarrassing by our interim manager, I do expect changes but at this stage I don’t think any fan could predict who may come in.”