SCOTT Barber is the latest Southend United fan to have his say on what is happening at Roots Hall.

Well the outcome of a pretty much disastrous campaign comes down to the final match on Saturday evening against Sunderland at Roots Hall.

We all have to admit, after the way last season ended and the early business in the transfer window, there seemed to be a buzz around the club.

Unfortunately, the injuries that we have suffered haven’t helped the situation but, from being mid-table at the end of January, we should never have drifted deep into a relegation battle.

Chris Powell looked a beaten man by the start of February and maybe we acted a bit too late in replacing him.

Chris tried his very best but we were stuck in a rut, he had run out of ideas and there seemed simply no way out.

We have shown flashes this season of the talent we have in the squad but the effort seems to have been missing from the majority of the matches.

The players haven’t looked fit, with reoccurring injuries to certain players, and the lack of positivity has proved costly.

The game against Plymouth Argyle in August still sticks out in my mind as we seemed to have accepted a point early in the second half.

Anybody that knows me always says I’m the most positive of supporters and always watch through rose-tinted glasses.

However, even I have struggled to defend some performances this year, in what has become the 10th successive season where I have not missed a single first team fixture.

So it comes down to the final match, the big boys are in town, the ground will be packed and it’s up to all of us to put in one final effort.

The fans, the staff and the players have to be together to ensure we have the best chance to be a League One club next season.

Although the task ahead of us is huge and Sunderland have only lost three games all season, it is in our own hands.

A win will secure it, a goal off somebody’s backside would be enough.

So keep positive, keep the belief and let’s be UNITED to ensure everybody does their part to keep us in the third tier of English football.

Come on you Blues!

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