BLUES striker Stephen Humphrys dedicated his season saving goal to everyone involved with Southend United.

Humphrys’ 87th minute winner saw the Shrimpers beat Sunderland 2-1 at Roots Hall to maintain their League One status.

But the 21-year-old was keen to share his match-winning moment.

"That was for everyone in Southend,” said Humphrys.

“It’s not my goal, it’s everyone’s goal.

“It’s the manager, the players, the chef, the cleaners, the fans.

“It’s Southend United’s winning goal and we deserve it because we’ve all worked tirelessly every week.”

Humphrys replaced Taylor Moore for the final 12 minutes.

But he initially feared he would not make much of an impact.

“I’m not sure how long I was on for but I was absolutely blowing,” said Humphrys.

“I had did about two sprints and thought I’m no good for anyone here.

“But what a moment it was for everyone and the fans were ridiculous.

“They were with us from the first minute to the last and they deserved that.”

Humphrys match winning strike was his fifth of the season but his first since suffering horrific facial injuries when heading home against Accrington Stanley.

Humphrys suffered a broken nose, cheekbone and eye socket after clattering into Stanley goalkeeper Jonny Maxted.

And, after an aborted comeback which saw him appear twice before missing the last three games, Humphrys was initially quite hesitant about his latest comeback.

“I was on the bench thinking I don’t want to head the ball and I want to avoid getting smacked in the face but once you get on the pitch you forget all about that because you’ve got a job to do,” said Humphrys.

“With so much on the line you can’t think about yourself, it’s about the team.”

But Humphrys was also boosted by a new mask which enabled him to see more of the game.

“The other one was too heavy and I couldn’t really see because the eye holes were too small,” said Humphrys, who joined from Fulham in January.

“This one the eyes holes are bigger because my face has healed a little bit which means I can see better.

“I got told three days ago to go and pick my new mask up.

“I didn’t even know I was getting one but this was the last throw of the dice.”