SOUTHEND United's fans and players have their say on Saturday's 2-1 against Sunderland and staying in League One.


Saturday was unreal. Must have gone through every emotion there is to have! Couldn’t be happier right now. The beers are going to be flowing all weekend.


We are staying up! Wonderful scenes and incredible support from the fans. You made it happen.


Wow. What a bunch! We are staying up.


We are staying up. The boys and the fans deserved that. Amazing.


Wouldn’t have been any fun if we did it the easy way would it? Thank you to everyone there, the atmosphere was incredible and we kept this amazing club in League One. I’m the world’s worst ever left-back but I honestly couldn’t care less! We are staying up.


Now that is a feeling I will never forget! Thank you to everyone that came out to support us. That was for you guys! The Blues are staying up. Get in there you Shrimpers.



Equally as emotional as winning the play-off final. The Blues are staying up!


Humphrys is god.


Incredible finish. Easily the best moment since Pigott’s equaliser. After an awful, frustrating season it has all been worth it.


So many painful late goals against us this season but finally we get a late one that matters the most.


This has been a long, hard campaign and it’s so typical of Southend to not beat anyone around them but then beat one of the best in the League. Get in!


This is why I support Southend.


It’s the Southend way. It’s stressful and it honestly does my nut in but I wouldn’t change any bit of it.


I love football and yet I hated most of these 90 minutes but my god this was the heart we’ve looked for all season. The season has been tough and disappointing on the whole but wow they dug in. People that don’t understand just don’t understand the emotional pull your local club has.


Unlike many big games we’ve had this season we didn’t fold. 14 men left nothing on the field and became heroes.