A GREAT Wakering five-year-old has been tipped for a bright future in ice hockey.

Jake Radev, who has only been skating for a year, impressed in a Best of British Ice Hockey Camp in Sheffield.

Matt Darlow took charge of the four-day class and feels Jake will flourish after presenting the goaltender with the Best of British Ice Hockey Camp Bauer End of Camp award for Best Goalie.

Darlow said: “This decision is unanimous from all the coaching staff and we have never seen anything like this before.

“The concentration, focus, willingness to try anything, athleticism, energy and fearlessness to stand out there against other children that are much older and twice his height - but over all his listening skills - are amazing.

“Everybody needs to remember this kid’s name because it will be known throughout British ice hockey.”

After watching an NHL fixture while on holiday in the United States of America, Jake made it clear that his dream is to become a goaltender.

In just six months, Jake has shown that he has the potential to become a leading netminder.

Jake, who is a free agent at the end of the month and has already attracted interest from numerous clubs, travelled to Sheffield for a specific training camp which offered goaltender training.

Despite being up against up-and-coming ice hockey stars boasting far more experience, Jake excelled.

Jake was in a goaltender class which included eight other children, with one being 10 years older.

The camp was run by current and retired ice hockey professionals, along with elite and national coaches.

Brad Day, who is the Sheffield Steelers’ netminder, also oversaw Jake’s progress in the class.

Throughout the camp, Jake carried out strength and conditioning, video analysis and classroom work.

The impressive youngster also enjoyed up to three hours of time on the ice each day, which is far more than he had been put through beforehand.

And Justin Pugh, Jake’s dad, is overjoyed at the five-year-old’s achievements after just six months as a goaltender.

“I am really proud of him,” said Pugh.

“He is a very outgoing and happy kid but also the ideal sort of person you would like to have involved in a team.

“He cares about the other people around him and what is interesting is that other players seem to come from hockey families, yet he hasn’t.”

However, Jake is looking for sponsors in order to take his game to the next level.

Pugh added: “Jake has been invited to go to other camps and this is essential to his progress.

“Some of them will be in Scotland or other long distance locations, but the cost for ice hockey in general in the UK is extreme.

“Equipment, travel, fees and coaching are very expensive.

“I would like him to have an equal opportunity to anyone in the world.

“People from the United States, Canada, Finland and Sweden have a far greater chance of success due to the popularity of the sport there.

“They have greater accessibility and lower costs to deal with in their countries.”

If you are interested in sponsoring Jake and helping him to progress his burgeoning ice hockey career, email jakeradev13@outlook.com.