STEPHEN Humphrys scored another scorching long range strike for Southend United at Weymouth tonight – but is keen to start hitting home more tap ins.

The 21-year-old forward netted a powerful 25 yard free-kick in the 2-2 draw at the Bob Lucas Stadium this evening.

But Humphrys wants to also start scoring less spectacular goals.

“Talking to a few people who have helped me over the years I do need to start scoring a few more tap ins,” said Humphrys.

“I never really get in the positions so I have to try and make up for it with long range shots.

“This season it would be nice to get more tap ins but it doesn’t really matter where you score from.

“It was good to get a goal and to get two on the bounce as well as it gets the confidence up as well but it’s still about the fitness at this stage.”

Humphrys played the first hour of the pre-season clash and also enjoyed his part in Isaac Hutchinson’s goal.

“Isaac was in a better position than me,” said the striker.

“If I had shot from there it would have been selfish.

“I’ve not experienced an assist for a while either so it was a nice feeling.

“But it wasn’t our usual pre-match.

“We did a lot of running and gym work yesterday so we were heavy legged and played through it which will do us good and mean we’re fit for the start of the season.”

Humphrys also scored an impressive effort against Billericay Town on Tuesday night.

But he opted to go back to basics for his latest strike.

“I used to free-kicks when I was a kid and smash them but in recent years whenever I’ve taken them I’ve tried to curl them and hit the wall,” said Humphrys.

“We played with different balls today so I just thought I was going to smash it and thankfully it worked out.”