ENGLAND’S thrilling World Cup success stopped play in Hadleigh & Thundersley’s Dukes League Cup quarter-final clash with Wanstead & Snaresbrook.

Both teams were battling out their own 50-over contest to secure a place in the final.

But Hadleigh skipper Adam Dobson revealed both sides took to the clubhouse to watch the conclusion of England’s dramatic win against New Zealand.

“We were actually playing a cup quarter-final against Wanstead on Sunday in a bit of a nail-biter which just added to the drama,” said Dobson.

“But at one point both teams downed tools with seven overs to go just to run into the clubhouse to watch the final over.”

Hadleigh eventually won the clash by 18 runs and England’s success made it double delight for Dobson.

“The World Cup was absolutely ridiculous,” said Dobson.

“It’s incredible to see an England team with that much pressure perform in such a positive way and come through the most intense situations you’ll ever see in a game of cricket.”

England won following a super over after both teams ended their 50 overs level on 241.

And Dobson is hopeful the victory will inspire more youngsters to start playing the sport.

“It can only be good for cricket,” said Dobson.

“The number of conversations I’ve already heard about the game from people who don’t follow cricket is great.

“Hopefully the Ashes this summer will just add to that and get more people playing the game.”

A combined peak audience of 8.3 million saw England’s dramatic World Cup final win play out on television.

Free-to-air viewers were able to watch England’s cricketers live for the first time since the 2005 Ashes after Sky Sports agreed for Channel 4 to also show the Lord’s clash with New Zealand.

The decision - widely celebrated - was vindicated with Channel 4 saying on Monday that the audience peaked at 8.3 million, with 4.8 million of those watching on the free channel.

And Billericay skipper Lee Knight is keen for that to help the sport grow in popularity.

“I hope it will have a similar impact on cricket to the 2005 Ashes series,” said Knight.

“The younger generation are the future of the sport and I hope it inspires them to take up the game.

“It was a brilliant game of cricket.

“I don’t think I have ever seen a game like it and my emotions were all over the place.”