SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 3-1 defeat to Blackpool at Roots HAll. 

First goal Oxley has to do better, second goal Humphrys gives it away and doesn’t bother to chase, third goal we give it away. All of a sudden the game is gone after 40 minutes. Still thought Milligan and Hutchinson were very good.


Oxley needs to make way for Bishop. Defensively we are very slow to react to pace and Mantom did nothing in midfield. Only glimmer of light is Milligan clearly being a class act but will the others be on his wavelength?


Such high hopes at the start which sadly faded all too quickly. On paper it was a good side but front two weren’t firing on all cylinders and central three defenders didn’t work. 4-4-2 suits us best anyway so stick to a formation that works. Bizarre interview with Bond.


A manager airing his thoughts in public is not the way to win fans, win the dressing room and win games.


Cannot have Mantom and Milligan on the same team, they are the same player.


Just when you think it couldn’t be any worse than last season, think again! If this is the best that Bond and his coaches can do then it’s going to be another long season. Nothing has changed.


Line-up a joke. Formation too negative for a home game, playing unfit players was ridiculous and we were too slow all over the pitch. Blackpool’s fast build up and pace made sure they punished us for our mistakes. Need another winger and a better midfield option.


Need more consistency with team selection. Play 4-3-3 all pre-season then as soon as we lose to Coventry we change to a back five. Cox was rushed into the starting 11 and isn’t fit.


Odd formation selection. No creativity until Layton came on. Thought Bond was better than his comments.


I think we have the basis of a good team. They are still gelling and we have played two teams that will probably end in the top six.


However bad that game was, and it was bad, Bond thinking it's OK to talk to the press afterwards and throw half his team under the bus is a worry. That's not how to get a reaction. Long season coming up.


Playing Ridgewell was farcical, he looked totally off the pace and unfit. His tactics seem to totally bewilder the players and to then include Cox in his rant is absolutely disgraceful. He chops and changes and like his predecessor appears clueless.


After the positives taken from last week, this was a huge step in the other direction. No team with aspirations of achieving can concede the type of goals we did. It's going to take a lot more than a few new faces to recover from Powell's spell in charge.


Followed Southend for 21 seasons. Kevin Bond has been manager for eight games and three of those rank in the 10 worst performamces I've ever seen. Bond isn't capable. He's actually made us progressively worse and taken away a lot of the enthusiasm I have for the club.


We can't defend and we can't score. Apart from that it's going OK so far.