SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 1-0 win at MK Dons.

Midfield looked a million miles better with the return of Milligan. Both centre halves deserve enormous credit and Oxley was solid in between the sticks. Happy days.


The sun shone, we kept a clean sheet and we won. A happy day.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!Clean sheet buzzing for Ox and the defence!! Now we need to have consistency!!! Build on this and run with it!!


Must say I like this Kiernan Lennon partnership. With Elvis and Ralph as full backs it could mean a solid defence.


Got to win the next game or it will be back to square one again. Will be interesting to see what happens with the manager this week.


We rode our luck, but we were a lot more resilient and organised than recently. Back four were excellent in the second half. Still a bit shocked we didn't foul it up in injury time!


Much more disciplined performance, Lennon and Kiernan very solid, and finally nice to see the midfield chipping in with defending. Waddock deserves more time.


Gary Waddock has this team playing and should now be given the job imho. Don't need more upheaval @shrimperstalk Ox and defence were solid, especially Kiernan. Milligan protected the defence well.


Were outplayed for a big part of the game but held firm in defence throughout and took our chance early on. Very nervy as the game went on but at last we've got a win! Questions over Waddock should stay but can he take us onwards as well?


Absolutely buzzing to see the Blues win for the first time this season @robfcgaming387

Great effort clean sheet 3 points, however we need to find a way to keep the ball and take the pressure off our defence who fortunately were magnificent.


At last!! A win and a clean sheet! It’s a start but a long way to go. Give Waddock the job, as improvements being seen, and players like him and want to play for him.


What a feeling. Getting those 3 points make Saturday evenings so much more enjoyable. Every single one of them were excellent today. We saw some plenty of desire, fight and quality in that performance. Onwards and upwards to Accrington now.